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XS26 (Access to IPv6) operates its own IPv6 backbone interconnected with the IPv6 Internet and provide IPv6 connectivity on a large scale.

We have a network of IPv6 tunnel servers attached to the backbone network. These servers provides distributed tunnel broking. We call them PoPs - Points of Presence.

XS26 web interface lets you:

  • create an XS26 member account
  • create an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel to establish virtual connection between you and the XS26 network
  • have an IPv6 space allocated - a single /48 per organization/person from 2a01:b0::/32
  • have an IPv6 space assigned to individual networks - a single network of any size per assignment from your /48 allocation
  • have an IPv6 assignments routed via specified connections to your networks
  • have an DNS zone allocated for your /48 allocation

And this all for free, in production quality and with naturally higher reliability than a single place tunnel brokers can offer.